Happy Orange

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50 grams

Happy Orange is a bright orange colour. It consists of 5 strands of 100% merino wool.

LEIK yarn is made up of the same soft yarn we machine knit with.

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Recommended knitting needles no – 3mm (US2.5)

50g = 217 meters/237 yd

You can knit with single yarn on needle size 2.5 mm – 3 (US2.5) or double yarn with needle size 3 mm (US2.5) for a thicker, firmer finish and all the way up to needle size 5 (US8).

TIP: thread a wooden pearl on the yarn so that the threads stick together if you knit with double yarn.

This yarn consists of individual threads, creating exciting colour tones and gives a special and exclusive finish to hand-knits.

Garments that are hand-knit in LEIK yarn become smooth and soft, perfect for those sensitive to itchy wool garments.

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