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The beige trenchcoat is oh so classic and you’ve had it for five years now, and it’s still as chic as the day you bought it. Today, however, you feel a little drab and dreary, and the everyday routine is not exactly riveting. It’s time for an upgrade, so you grab the spicy brown scarf, stuff it haphazardly around your neck, and all of a sudden you feel like an undercover agent, ready for your next mission. You pretend to reach into your distressed leather dark brown bag as you look over your shoulder. Is anyone following you?

It’s a bandanna, headscarf, small shawl all in one

The Three Point Scarf is a 100% superbly soft, no-itch merino wool. It measures 120cm x 25cm (at the widest in the middle). In inches that would be something like 47’’ x 10’’ (approximately).

The scarves have a smooth, featherlight, weightless knit, smooth on one side and with a subtle texture on the other.

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