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Exuberantly frolicking and singing loudly while plopping down next to your best friend, you cause passers-by to smile.  Your apple green scarf is tied on the handle of your apricot-coral handbag, and you wink at it and stroke it gently, longing for it to become cool enough to wrap it around your neck. For now, you squint at the sun (You forgot your sunglasses on the bus. Again.) and ask your friend to tell all, and order two tall milkshakes, for old times sake.

It’s a bandanna, headscarf, small shawl all in one

The Three Point Scarf is a 100% superbly soft, no-itch merino wool. It measures 120cm x 25cm (at the widest in the middle). In inches that would be something like 47’’ x 10’’ (approximately).

The scarves have a smooth, featherlight, weightless knit, smooth on one side and with a subtle texture on the other.

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